There is a variety of project management software available. They come in different pricing and scoping. To select the best, you need to know which they are. You should have options as you choose the software that optimizes well with your project. Some are single and specific while others mix up features.  The right software should contain the features that you need now and in the future. Look for a free demo first. Below is a list of project management software types.

This is a project management software used at home. It is used to manage lifestyle and home projects. They compare to single user systems. The difference is that they use simpler interfaces. It allows one user at a time to edit a project. It includes a clear structure of a beginning, middle and ending.

This is a software programmed for single persons’ use. It is assumed that only one person is needed to edit the project at once. It is employed in small companies or were a few people are getting in a project. Top-down projects can use this project management software. The software includes desktop applications.

This is a project management software that is designed to support multiple users at once. The users modify sections of the project at the same time. It involves updating areas each user id allocated in the overall plan. The additions and changes are integrated in real time. It is used for complex projects where teams need to work as individuals in related sections. The project leader monitors the activities. It requires internet coverage.

This is a project management software that is implemented as a web design application to be accessed using a web browser through desktop, tablet or a smartphone. It puts to use software as a service is based and has become a delivery model for business applications.  It is accessed by users using a web browser.

This is a software project management software that integrates with other aspects of the business operations such as collaboration tools. They overlap with other business activities which include processes of a customer relationship. This free creative brief template software can handle the project across its stages of development. Other modes can be integrated to send feedback about bugs or ideas for a new version.

This is a project management software that is implemented as a program that runs on desktops. They are typically single user applications the project manager use. The subject matter experts can have access to this software as well.

This type features sophisticated brief features allowing organizations handle more than one projects simultaneously. It has a dashboard providing the big picture with details of various projects. It is used by organizations that conduct multiple projects. 

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